Top 5 Bakeries in Santa Barbara

Joe and Avi stop in at their top 5 favorite bakeries in SB.

We kicked this video off at Andersen's Bakery quietly situated on State Street. This classic Danish delight dolls out an array of baked goods and specializes in Marzipan, a confection consisting of sugar, honey, and almond meal.

Next, we popped over to Bree'osh, where the specialty is, of course, brioche, a fluffy French bread made with butter and eggs that pairs well with really just about anything. Their Brioche egg sandwich is a fan favorite you've got to try.

Our third stop was a classic French community staple: Renaud's. What you imagine an iconic pastry shop to look like is exactly what this place is. The sweet almond-crusted croissant will be your morning coffee's new best friend.

Fourth on our list is Oat Bakery on Haley Street. This place knows bread better than anyone. We munched into a delightful loaf of savory, cheesy focaccia and a charcoal sourdough that is all too satisfying to pull a hunk off of.

Lastly, we made our way over to an understated bakery on Santa Barbara Street called Recipes Bakery. At first glance, this Australian-inspired shop could easily be mistaken for someone's home. Their treats include classics like a cinnamon bun, fresh fruit pies, and scones that will crumble in all the best ways.

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