SUMMER EVENTS ROUND-UP: Experience the Best of Santa Barbara

Hey, friends and fellow lovers of Santa Barbara. Summer in SB has finally arrived, and this month, we've rounded up the best summer events to add to your calendars. From lively parades to wine festivals and outdoor movies, there's something for everyone. So, grab your sunscreen and let's dive into the vibrant spirit of Santa Barbara!

Summer in SB is different

June gloom be gone! The sweetness of summer is drifting through the air and bringing with it brighter sunshine, longer nights, and a mishmash of seasonal events that shine brightly all on their own. While it wasn't an easy task, we've whittled down and curated a short list of essential summer events that enliven and unite the SB community... and just make summer much more enjoyable.

We'll be attending most of these events with friends and family, so if you see us, give us a wave! 👋

Summer Solstice Parade & Festival

June 23 - 24 | Learn more

SB is drenched in glittering sunshine nearly year-round. And maybe it's because we celebrate the summer solstice annually that we're gifted all these golden rays! This year is no different. For the 2023 Summer Solstice Celebration, the theme is "Roots".

Kick off the celebrations on Friday, June 23rd, with a ticketed concert, food, and vendors. On Saturday, head over to the corner of Santa Barbara and Ortega Streets at noon to witness colorful displays of artwork, costumes, and dance as the Summer Solstice parade makes its way up to Alameda Park. Enjoy the parade, dance around in honor of the sun, and hang out at the park till evening for all types of food and activities. See you there!

California Wine Festival

July 14 - 15 | Learn more

Just a splash, please! And another and another and so forth... The California Wine Festival welcomes dozens of winemakers from around the state for a day of sun, music, food, and hundreds of delicious local wines. The festival takes place oceanside on the grasses of Chase Palm Park and runs from 1-4 pm on Saturday, July 15th. Aspiring sommeliers and serious wine tasters can purchase a ticket for a rare and reserve tasting on Friday, July 14th, the day before the main festival.

Old Spanish Days Fiesta Week

August 2 - 6 | Learn more

By far the most celebrated week of the year in SB, Fiesta is a city-wide celebration honoring the city's rich Spanish and Mexican history and culture. Today, Fiesta is recognized as one of the most prestigious regional festivals in the United States. The five-day celebration has been around since 1924 and is now entering its 99th year. Fiesta is run by a volunteer Board of Directors with an esteemed president who chooses the annual theme and design of the poster and pin.

During this magical week, you'll see and hear festivities throughout the whole city, including Fiesta dancers and performers, musicians, vendors selling colorfully decorated confetti-filled eggs, vibrant decorations strewn across bars, restaurants, and local establishments, and one of the largest equestrian parades in the country. The parade is simply stunning and equipped with floats, horses, and traditional regalia of Spanish, American Indian, and Mexican heritage. Fiesta can't be missed!

Lavender Festival

June 24 | Learn more

What's more soothing and calming than smelling lavender? Attending a lavender festival, of course. The Santa Barbara Lavender Festival is an arts and crafts fest celebrating the artistic expression of lavender. Local artisans

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